Primary School: 15/11/2019

Upcoming Parent Workshop


On Tuesday 19 November at 08:50 we will hold our next parent workshop on the theme of Child Well Being.  The workshop will be led by Ms. Besim (our lead teacher on social emotional development in children) and Ms. Ferrari (our school psychologist).  Both are experts in this field and the workshop will give practical suggestions as well as theory behind child well being.  If you are interested in how to identify signs of stress in your child and how to manage this, please do attend the workshop.

IB Self Study

In November 2020, we will have an Evaluation Visit from the IB for the PYP and MYP.  We are busily gathering evidence to show we are meeting each of the requirements set by the IB.  Last year, a group of parents volunteered to meet with the IB on their visit and to help Ms. Lockett and me to find evidence for the requirements from the parent perspective. If you would be interested in being part of this parent group, please email me ( We will have out first meeting in January and will conclude the evidence finding by May 1. Thank you for your support of this highly important process.

Say NO in November

say no

Throughout November, your children will be exploring “anti isms” such as racism, sexism, snobbism.  Teachers will conduct circle times around these issues and explore challenging concepts and ideas as part of our Social and Emotional education programme.  The aim of November is raise awareness of attitudes and how negative thoughts can upset others and lead to conflict.  Teachers will use discussion, stories and films to introduce certain “isms”.  I hope your children will find the topics discussed thought-provoking and they will develop a stronger sense of what it means to be open-minded.

Appraisal of Staff


We have a group of new teachers at ISC and as part of their contract, I will be observing two lessons over in November and holding discussions with the teachers about their lessons and how they feel they are settling in to the ISC community.  In addition to this, all ISC staff are part of an appraisal.  This is a reflective process in which staff reflect on their achievements and set goals for the rest of the year.  There are also two formal observations from myself and a member of the Leadership Team or Primary Management Team.  The focus of the observations are classroom management, teaching and learning and the development of the PYP.  The Appraisal model offers staff an opportunity to reflect on their professional growth within the IB community.

Reading Eggs


I am thrilled to announce that Reading Eggs is back!  Children from Kinder – Grade 6 will have a log in to the Reading Eggs site which is designed to accelerate reading levels and enhance children’s love of reading.  10 minutes at home 5 days a week will help your child to develop their reading skills such as decoding and comprehension.  There are games, books and lessons to explore and teachers may also set reading activities as homework.  To log on to Reading Eggs visit:

  • The Library: there are over 2000 books in the collection – the book can be read by the child or listened to using the audio button.  Please ask your child’s teacher for their reading level if you would like to select books at a specific level
  • The Lessons: these are deigned to cater for your child’s individual reading level.  They get progressively more difficult
  • The Stadium: a wonderful place for competitive children to explore grammar and spelling through an interactive game
  • Driving Tests: these are repetitive exercises to support your children’s spelling and sound recognition

Children who complete lessons or read a book in the Library will receive eggs.  These can be spent in the Shop and Mall and can be used to decorate your child’s house or apartment.

There is so much fun to be had on Reading Eggs and it works!  I have seen children jump five reading levels in less than a year thanks to Reading Eggs.  Please try it at home!

And finally…the Winter Shows

Early Years (Pre K – Grade 1) parents are warmly invited to watch their child’s Winter Show on 13 December at 09:15.  The children are busily rehearsing for this and I hope you will be able to attend this special event.  The show will be held in the gym at ISC.

A communication for the G2 – G6 Winter Show will be sent to parents in the next days with the final details.

winter show