Primary School: 15/02/2019

The IB Self Study is Launched

I would like to thank our PYP parents who have volunteered to be part of the Self Study process for our IB Visit in February 2020.  The Self Study is a reflection on how the school is developing in terms of it’s alignment to the IB Philosophy, the structure of the leadership, the resources provided and the teaching and learning.  Parents have now been assigned to one section and will work collaboratively with ISC staff to collect findings to present to the IB.  The Curriculum Coordinators will take overall responsibility for one part of the Self Study and this is outlined below:

Section A:  Philosophy – Karen Lockett

Section B:  Leadership and Resources – Nicole Pearce

Section C:  Teaching and Learning – Jane Whittle

Every parent will have the chance to contribute to the Self Study by completing questionnaires about different elements of the school and likewise your children will also give their opinion on the school.  I hope everyone in the ISC Community will find the process an interesting and helpful one and that is will lead to our re-accreditation as an IB PYP World School.

Upcoming Theme Week:  Book Week

On March 4 – 8 we will hold our annual Book Week.  Whilst we promote reading throughout the year, this is an opportunity for specific events to take place in order to celebrate the power of words, the joy of reading and to encourage further interest in a range of texts.  Within the week your children will work on specific activities in the Library however they will also join up with other students to investigate the meaning of words and develop a group project.  There will also be our annual Book Fair where children and parents have the opportunity to purchase English books at a range of levels.  I hope your children will enjoy the week and that their interest in reading and curiosity towards the written word is heightened.  Details of specific events will be communicated through Class Dojo.  Happy Book Week ISC!

Book week

Parents in School

A communication about parents in school was sent out via email this week however the communication is also included here for your reference. If you have any questions about the content of this communication, please do not hesitate to ask.  The principles outlined below guide our decision making at Leadership Level to ensure inclusion for all students within our care.

Parents may visit their child’s class to give a presentation on a topic linked to the unit of inquiry or to read to the class for example.  These visits to the class are planned with the Homeroom Teacher and are agreed by the teacher in terms of content.

Parents may visit the class for an event organised by the school such as Back to Learning Day and the Student Led Conferences.  In these cases, parents may involve themselves in the lesson and may interact with other children as part of the organised event – however always under the supervision of the teacher.

According to our Inclusion Policy, parents may be requested to support their child in class. This may be at the request of the Leadership or may be according to the request of an external specialist working with the child however, it is allowed only if in line with the child’s Individual Education Plan.  The in class role is solely to work with their child as a facilitator. Student well-being, differentiation and strong academic development are at the heart of everything we do and therefore the ISC Leadership may authorise parents to assist their child within the class or on a field-trip.  The amount of time a parent works with their child will vary depending on the need and progress of the child but is always determined by the Leadership of the school.

Many Thanks

Thank you very much to all our community who kindly collected the Esse Lunga Amici Vouchers for our school.  We received many vouchers and were able to purchase equipment to enhance our Technology and Maths Programme.  For Upper Elementary classrooms we purchased two Lego Education sets which include motorised elements and a CD Rom and Teachers Pack to support the students in their creations.  Working with Lego in this way develops into the Robotics curriculum in MYP.  For our Early Years students we purchased a Lego Education pack with 295 pieces of Lego based on the theme of a park.  We are certain the students will have lots of fun with this.  Finally we used the remaining vouchers to buy a Montessori counting set made of wooden numbers and counters which we will use across the school.

Student Teachers arriving

Every year, ISC welcomes student teachers from the ITEPS programme.  On March 4, five student teachers from Stenden University in the Netherlands will join our school for 6 weeks.  They are in the second year of their course and will be observing lessons and understanding more about how the PYP is taught in schools.  The student teachers will work with small groups under the direction of the Homeroom Teacher and will also take some whole class lessons to have a full understanding of what it is like to be a PYP teacher.  Our student teachers will join Transition (from March 18), Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3M and Grade 6.  I am sure you will join me in welcoming them to the ISC Community.

Student teachers

And finally…..

ISA Tests in Grade 4 ,5 & 6

The International Schools Assessments will take place on February 18 & 19.  Please ensure your child arrives to school on time with a bottle of water prepared.  The tests begin with Maths and Narrative Writing on Monday and Reading Comprehension and Essay Writing on the second day.  I hope your children find the experience worthwhile where they can show how much progress they are making.  Good luck!