Primary School: 14/02/2020

ISA Tests


Congratulations to Grade 4,5 and 6 students for their effort and determination throughout the ISA tests.  They were long and challenging but everyone gave it their very best.  The results will arrive in late April, early May and will be uploaded to your childs ManageBac Portfolio.  A summary of the whole school results will be published shortly after.

Student Teachersstudent teacher

Grade 1, 2 and 3A classes will be welcoming a student teacher from Stenden University in the Netherlands.  As part of their degree, students explore the IB programme and will join us at ISC to see the PYP in action.



Thank you to the families who have donated dry foods and non perishable items for the Dona Cibo charity collection.  There is still time to bring in more items, lets try to fill the shelves of the Wedding Cake in the front entrance.

Unit 3 Reports


Grade 2-6 reports can be downloaded on 29th February from your childs ManageBac Portfolio.

Collaborative Planning Afternoon

planning afternoon

On Friday 6th March, school will close for students at 13pm in order to give planning time for teachers to work together on Unit 5.  Teachers meet in the G6A room and this is where the magic is created!   They discuss and explore different learning experiences which we hope your children will enjoy.

Amici di Scuola

Thank you very much to all our community who kindly collected the Esselunga Amici Vouchers for our school.  We received many vouchers and were able to purchase more Art supplies, these beautiful books for the Library and a Lego Coding Education sets which include motorised elements and a CD Rom and Teachers Pack to support the students in their creations.  Working with Lego in this way develops into the Robotics curriculum in MYP.  I can’t imagine how much fun we will have with the Lego Coding! Thank you very much ISC.

Saint Valentine’s Day

Today ISC wore red on Valentine’s Day and once again our students showed sweetness and creativity by sharing with the staff their lovely thoughts.