Primary School: 13/12/2019

Winter Shows

I am immensely proud of all our PYP students who put in hard work and dedication to preparing for and performing for the community. A huge thank you to all staff who came together as a team to make these special events possible. A massive thank you to our parents who have given so much love and time to making our show dreams a reality.


On Monday Ms. Reider attended the AIBWSI meeting for PYP at the InternationalSchool of Vicenza. The main focus for the meeting was mathematics and Ms. Reider has lots to share with staff next week. Well done Ms. Reider!

Hello and Farewell

As the end of term one approaches, I would like to wish Ms. Dhini (our Grade 2 teaching assistant) all our best wishes for the upcoming birth of her baby.  Ms. Dhini will enter maternity leave next Friday.
Staying with “maternity” Mrs. Clutterbuck will be returning to ISC in January to take her positon as Drama Teacher and Class teacher in the PYP.  Mrs. Clutterbuck will take Grade 1, 2, 3 and 6 drama, teach Grade 4B whilst Ms. Spark is taking her Grade 5 drama class and will be a key component of the Learning Support Department.
Mr. Mario has been the maternity cover for Mrs. Clutterbuck and we have been so very grateful for the positive energy, spirit and drive he brings to the PYP.  Mr. Mario will remain as our main supply teacher across PYP.
A huge thank you to Mr. Mario and Ms. Dhini and welcome back Mrs. Clutterbuck.  Teacher profiles will be sent out for Mrs. Clutterbuck and Mrs. Cesares (our Art Teacher) in the upcoming week.

End of Unit 2 Reports


Grade 2-6 Parents will be able to view and download the End of Unit 2 Reports on December 20.  These can be found on your child’s Portfolio page of ManageBac.

Student Teacher Success!

student teacher

A HUGE congratulations to Ms. Sami, Ms. Gretchen and Mr. Jacob who have all successfully passed their student teacher placement at ISC through the Educators Abroad Programme.  We are really proud of their achievements and know they will have great careers ahead of them.  Ms. Gretchen will leave us on December 20 and Mr. Jacob will remain until January 31.  Transition Class will be next to have a student teacher – Ms. Emily Wickers joins us from the USA through the Educators Abroad Programme too on January 13.

Cometa Shoe Box

Your children are full of agency – this means a drive to take ACTION.  Last Christmas we prepared shoe boxes filled with little presents for disadvantaged children in the Como Area.  This is an extra special action as it reminds us that we have people to help right on our doorstep and action can be local not just global.  A communication detailing the Shoe Box Appeal in support of the COMETA Association has been sent out via email and we would like to say thank you to everyone who has already brought in a shoe box.  I wonder how tall our tower of boxes will be this year?


I wish you a very happy holiday winter season!

J. Whittle
Deputy Principal – Head of Primary

happy holidays