Primary School: 08/05/2020

Welcome to the next edition of the PYP Blog.  I would like to start by asking you to give your child/children a big well done hug from me.  Every time I pop in to Zoom lessons, your children are active and working very hard and are trying to be as positive as possible about Virtual School – they are showing the Learner Profile attributes in every sense of the word.  Very well done to our incredible PYP warriors!

The Grade 6 Exhibition has ARRIVED – 13th, 14th, 15th May!

Yes! The time has come for the Grade 6 Exhibition.  For 7 weeks the children have been inquiring into their own topic following 3 lines of inquiry.  It is finally time for the children to share their work with the world.  Each student will embrace the challenge of presenting through Zoom and we will have 3 days of presentations from 8.45 – 16.00!  Just as in normal school we would be very grateful if our ISC parents came to watch the Exhibition.  The children deserve a big audience as they have worked so hard and I would be very grateful if parents were able to pop into Zoom to watch the presentations.  Each student has 30 minutes to present.  If you would be able to visit the Virtual Exhibition please send me an email and I will reply with the Zoom Code.  Thank you very much for your support of our Grade 6 students.  Families in Grade 6, please do share the link with family and friends so your children have the opportunity to share their work. It will be a very busy 3 days – Good Luck Grade 6.


Asynchronous Lessons

With our new timetable, there are some sessions in the week where the students are working independently and the teacher is Online in Zoom if the child has questions or would like to share their work.  The purpose of these lessons is to replicate the classroom where children have the opportunity to grow in independence and complete work independently.  These sorts of lessons help them to gain confidence and to understand it is okay to ask for help if needed.  During these lessons, parents may choose to sit with their child to guide them through the activity of parents may choose to set a digital timer and see if their child can work independently for 10 minutes….growing the number of minutes each day.

This is an opportunity for the teacher to see what the child can do by themselves as well as a chance for the parent to share a learning experience with their child if they prefer to do this.  The teacher is online throughout these lessons for questions from the children and to give oral feedback on work the children wish to show.  I would welcome parents to share ways in which they are using these lessons effectively so that we can learn from each other. Thank you for your feedback.

Collaborative Planning this Afternoon – Unit 6 Newsletters


This afternoon, PYP staff met together to plan for the final unit of the year.  You will shortly be receiving the Unit 6 Newsletter where teachers will explain the outline of the unit.  This will be sent Via Class Dojo and also placed on the Parent Page of ManageBac.

Parent Teacher Conferences – next week


Your child’s Homeroom teacher and the Italian Teachers will be holding conferences next week.  This is a wonderful opportunity for you to share in discussions about your child’s learning and to inform teachers about how you observe your child.  Teachers will also give important feedback and areas to develop.  Your observations will help to inform our End of Year Reports which are published on June 12th.

Grade One Transition to Grade 2 Parent Meeting

virtual meetingOn Wednesday 10th June I would like to invite Grade 1 parents to a Virtual Zoom meeting about entering Grade 2.  We will explain the Grade 2 programme, the ways we can work to support your child transition into the Elementary school and of course to answer any questions you have.  I will ask the G1 Parent Rep to determine the most suitable time for the group of parents and I will also record the meeting for any parents who are unable to attend.

PYP Events

A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in the Virtual Sports Day and to Ms Steph, Mr. Ruben and Ms Giulia for their dedication to the event.  It was amazing to see 87 participants in the G2-4 Sports Day – it was busy and fun and thank you to everyone for embracing the event.  Our next big event is for Grade 2-4 who will be performing their own version of the Opera Rigoletto – details will follow to those classes.

And finally….

I hope parents found the suggestions on supporting children with anxiety from Ms Elizabeth Ferrari to be helpful.  This can be found on Class Dojo or downloaded here.

Each family has their own routines and responses to the Lockdown and if you need any support at this challenging time, please do reach out, togetherness even from a distance is so important.

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!

Jane Whittle