Primary School: 07/06/2019

Welcome to the next edition of the PYP newsletter!

Our ISC Community 

As the year draws to a close you will have received the profiles of the new members of our teaching team for the next academic year.  Whilst I am very excited to have such incredible teachers joining us, it is also the horrid time of the year when we must say goodbye to some members of the PYP Team.

Ms Macmillan, Ms Cusack and Ms Serno will be returning to their home countries and I would like to wish them the very best of luck in their next adventures.  They have all given so much to the community and I will be forever grateful for their positive energy, team spirit and most importantly their dedication and passion for the children in their care.  They have contributed so much to making this year a success and I would like to thank them for everything they have done.

Whilst she is not leaving our school, Ms Laura Biazzi will take a post in the Middle School.  As a qualified teacher we have learnt so much from her this year and her support of both the Italian and English department has been extraordinary.  We will miss her very much for her work in the PYP, with the student council and as a well-loved member of Team PYP.


Class Lists

class listI would like to thank you for your patience in waiting for next year’s class lists and teacher allocations. We are still in the process of interviewing new students and families for September and we will therefore be publishing the lists via email in the last week of school.

Teddy Bear’s Picnic


Thank you very much to the PTA for organising such a fun and happy event for our PYP students. It was the perfect time for students to talk amongst grade levels and to spend time together developing their social and communication skills.  I know the children enjoyed it very much and I hope the Teddy Bears did too!

End of Unit  Reports

Report_CardFor Grade 2-6 students, the end of unit report will be available to download from ManageBac Portfolios by 17:00 on Monday, June 10.  I hope you find these helpful documents of your child’s learning.

End of Year Reports: Early Years

On June 14, Early Years parents will receive their child’s end of year report via email.  I hope you will find these reports helpful in terms of understanding your child’s strengths and areas to develop moving forward.  If you have any questions about your child’s report please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.

End of Year Reports:  Grade 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

End of Year Reports are sent via ManageBac.  To access the reports please:


The reports tab is on the left under Portfolio

If you have any questions about the report please speak to your child’s teachers.  For help logging into ManageBac please see Mr. Humphrey –

ISA Examinations Grade 4-6

We have now received the International School Assessment results for the children present of the test in Grades 4-6.  The results need to be downloaded and analysed and will be available to parents via the ManageBac Portfolio (a communication of when they will be uploaded will be sent).  You will see that the results are divided by subject.  The blue dot marks your child’s level.  If you would like clarification on the results please do not hesitate to ask me.  A summary of the results of the school will be given in September at the Parent Evenings.

  • If your child’s dot is within the dark green area, your child is working at the average level of 50% of the students who took the exam.
  • If your child’s dot is above the dark green area they are working above expectations.
  • If your child’s dot is below the dark green area they are working below the average level.

An example ISA Report

Grade 6 Exhibition

A huge well done to our Grade Six students who did themselves and the ISC Community very proud with their outstanding Exhibition.  I would like to thank all parents who attended the exhibition – your positive comments made the children very happy and we hope you enjoyed the different presentations.  Grade 6 haven’t stopped there however!….

graduation-clipart-graduation-partyGrade 6 Graduation – On Monday, June 17 at 14:00 we will have the Grade 6 Graduation in the Drama Studio.  The event is open to Grade 6 families and Ms Roberts and I are really looking forward to this special event.

assess5° Elementare Exam – I would like to wish all Grade 6 students and Team Italy all the very best for the Italian State exams next week.  Everyone has been preparing so well and I am sure each child will give their full concentration and do their very best.  GOOD LUCK!

Moving Up Day

moving up

On June 19 your children will move up to meet their new class teacher and to have the opportunity to ask questions about the year ahead.  This is a very special moment where the school is filled with the buzz of anticipation and excitement!  This is also the moment where our new Pre-Kinder and Kinder families join the class to get to know their new environment.  Grade 6 students will have a series of mornings in the MYP as part of their transition experience this year.

Early Years Celebrations


On June 18 each EY class will present a small show showing work from the year.  The teachers will be sending out the exact times of the shows and these will take place in the playgrounds where the children are familiar with the space.  Each show will be followed by a small party in the classroom to say fond farewells and wish each class a happy summer break.

And finally…

A huge congratulations to Jerzy Mirowski in his lessons with Ms. Lucy he has written, illustrated and designed his very own story. Ms. Lucy sent this to be professionally published. we are all very proud of him and very excited to add his book to our collection of student authored books. Many thanks to Ms. Lucy for inspiring our young authors.