Primary School: 06/09/2019

Welcome to the first PYP Newsletter!  


This week we have welcomed 35 new students into the PYP and it is a pleasure to have such wonderful children joining our ISC family.  

The aim of the PYP Newsletter is:

  • To inform the ISC Community of upcoming events
  • To provide reminders of school agreements
  • To explain elements and features of the Primary Years Programme (PYP)
  • To celebrate activities and action taking place around the school

I hope you find the Newsletter informative, please send any feedback to my email at:

Class Dojo


All parents should have received an invitation to join Class Dojo. This is an online platform where teachers post photographs of your children in action plus send messages and reminders to the Homeroom Class.  There is a School Story page where I post messages to the whole PYP Community.  There is also a message option where you are able to send a message privately to the Homeroom Teacher. Class Dojo is a wonderful way for you to see what is going on in class and can provoke discussions with your children on the way home from school about their day.



Next week, you will be receiving an invitation to sign up with your own log in (as Secondary School parents already do) for ManageBac.  This online platform is  home to your child’s reports, Portfolio (Grade 4-6) and a Parents Area where you can download information about the curriculum at ISC and all relevant school policies. To help you get started, there will be a Managebac Drop In session on Friday 20 September at 14:30 – 15:30 to help you navigate the system.  Please bring your login details and a device.  PYP Parents will now be able to download the ManageBac App!

Unit Newsletters

On Monday, you will receive via email, the Unit One Newsletter for G2-G6 and an overview of the year for Pre K-Grade 1.  These Newsletters will provide a summary of the upcoming units explaining how you as parents may support your child at home.  Often parents have expertise in a topic of a unit of inquiry and if so, we would very much welcome you to speak to your child’s Homeroom teacher about presenting your knowledge to the class.

Digital Portfolios Grade 5 & 6

ManageBac are currently transitioning our school into their new platform designed for the Enhanced PYP.  They will transfer all your children’s Portfolio entries to the new system however I would strongly recommend you download any material you wish to keep from the Portfolio.

Parent Workshops


In the Welcome Booklet and on the Notice Board outside the entrance, you will find the Menu of Parent Workshops on offer this year.  We have added “Listening Corners” this year which is a round table discussion and a chance to talk to other parents about specific childhood topics.  Listening Corners are a wonderful way to share experiences, support other parents and ask questions in a non-threatening environment.  Our first parent workshop will be an Introduction to the Enhanced PYP on Tuesday 17 September at 08:50 in the Atrium.

Events in Term One


You will shortly be able to download the calendar of events from ManageBac – we have a whole host of exciting things planned this year.  You will also find Important Dates highlighted in the Unit Newsletter and in the ISC Blog.  

Here is a summary of Term One events which connect to our curriculum:

  • 23 September :  Focus on the IB Learner Profile Week – various events will take plave throughout the day to remind children of these important attributes.
  • 24 September :  Sports Bonding Day – MYP students will work together with PYP students on a range of sporting games and activities.  The event is led by our Sport Team.
  • 28 September :  A Fun Run will be organised in the local area – this will be a fundraising event and a chance to join together as a community
  • 4 October :  Grade 4, 5 & 6 Sleep Over – students will have the opportunity to sleep over at school with a stars based theme in preparation for our Science Week.
  • 7 October :  World Space Week – many Science based explorations will be set up for the entire school to get excited about.
  • 9 October :  Back to Learning Day – an opportunity for parents to sign up for a slot to come to participate in a class and find out what the PYP is all about.
  • 14 October :  Parents may sign up for a meeting with their child’s Homeroom Teacher.
  • 24 October :  UN Day – an opportunity for ISC to celebrate our multicultural community.
  • 4 November :  Launch of “Say No” month – students will explore a range of issues such as racism, sexism, bullying and learn how to tackle these issues in real contexts.
  • 11 December :  Early Years Winter Show
  • 17 December :  Grade 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 Winter Show

Free Dress and Dress Up Days

free dress

In order to help parents plan ahead, we have a number of Dress Up days planned in the first term and have scheduled the days when your children can come to school in their own choice of clothes.  Dressing Up is not compulsory however.  

The dates are:

  • 27th September :  Dress Up as a Learner Profile attribute
  • 25th October :  Free Dress Day
  • 29th November :  Free Dress Day
  • 13th December :  Free Dress Day
  • 19th December :  Winter Dress Up Day



For Grade 2 – Grade 6, homework will begin on Monday.  The teachers will share the homework schedule with you.  Homework in the PYP is a compulsory part of the programme at ISC and I kindly ask you to encourage your child to complete their homework to the best of their ability.  As a parent you know your child and whether they need support with tasks at home, however if your child struggles to work independently or requires a lot of support, please speak to your child’s Homeroom teacher.  Your children will receive a Homework planner so you can keep them informed of upcoming tasks.

Books Home for the Weekend

Teachers will send home your child’s exercise books at the end of each month so that you may read through the work they have been doing, read the teacher’s comments and discuss the books with your child. The books will be sent home on a Friday and must be returned on the following Monday.  The dates when books will be sent home this term are:  27 September, 18 October, 29 November, 13 December.



Mr. Ruben (our fieldtrips coordinator) is busy booking and arranging all our PYP fieldtrips.  Once the dates for your class are fixed, these will be communicated through Class Dojo.  We have some exciting adventures to take your children on and we hope they will enjoy these outdoor education experiences. 

Student teachers at ISC

We are delighted to welcome three Student Teachers from the Educators Abroad Programme who will be completing their final teaching placement before graduating as qualified teachers.  Gretchen Grunzke will be completing an 18 week placement for Drama and Dance, Jacob Debonis will work in our PE department for 18 weeks and Samantha Sartori will be placed in the Elementary School for 9 weeks. Student teachers bring a wonderful energy to our school and I am sure you will join me in wishing them every success.


And finally…

At ISC we do have an open door policy, please do not hesitate to book an appointment with me if you have a question about the PYP or with your child’s teacher if it is a question relating to your child.  I would like to wish the entire ISC Family the most wonderful year ahead full of exciting learning experiences that help us all to become active and compassionate life-long learners.

Jane Whittle
Deputy Principal – Head of Primary