Primary School: 05/06/2020

Welcome to the next edition of the PYP Blog and another big well done for everything our ISC family is achieving during Virtual School.

Saying Farewell


It is always a difficult time of the year as we say goodbye to members of our student body and teaching faculty.  I would like to extend a huge thank you to the ISC 2019-20 Team who have worked so hard to bring the PYP to life and provide life-long learning experiences for your children.  I met Ms Lucy 4 years ago when we started at ISC together and the work she has done for the EAL department is extraordinary.  Mr. and Mrs Clutterbuck have had lots of adventures in their time at ISC and Mr. Clutterbuck has been a very supportive Elementary Coordinator on top of his teaching role, likewise Mrs Clutterbuck has been a creative member of our Arts Team.  Ms Marlene and I worked together in a previous school and it has been incredible to watch her flourish and blossom in her time at ISC.  Ms Besim and Mr Humphrey have ably led Grade 6 through their last year of primary school and I am very grateful for all their hard work – especially with the Exhibition. With thanks also to Ms Noni for being an incredible part of the Assistant Team at ISC – she will be missed dearly. I hope these teachers will leave with special memories of ISC in their hearts and I would like to thank them for the positive difference they have made in their time at ISC.

This brings me to Moving Up Day.  Before the end of the year each class will have the chance to meet their teacher for the next academic year.  Homeroom teachers will be communicating at what day, time and in which Zoom Room this will take place as we will have teachers Zooming from around the world.  Due to the situation we find ourselves in, I will be working on class groupings over the Summer when I have more clarity on the regulations set by the Italian Government for school re-opening and the final number of students on the roll, I will send a separate letter about this to the classes this involves.

End of Year Reports

Reports will be sent to EY parents via email and through ManageBac for G2-G6 as in February on Friday June 12th.  The report does have levels of progress (where these can be assessed) however please also share the written comment with your child as this gives feedback plus areas to develop ahead of September.

ISA Results


G4 and G5 have been sent their ISA reports and G6 will have theirs shortly.  Overall, I am very happy with the performance of ISC and I will share the results in our welcome back to school meeting in September.  Please do ask your child’s Homeroom teacher or myself if you have questions about your child’s results.  This is a very small snapshot of your child’s development however the results give us the opportunity to scrutinize the exams question by question and track areas of our programme where the majority of students have shown strengths or areas to develop.  This then informs our curriculum planning.

Assessment Weeks Ahead

AssessmentsNormally at this time your children complete assessments in reading, writing and mathematics.  We will be continuing with those assessments as they provide important information for the upcoming year.  I kindly ask that all parents are principled during these assessments and leave their child to complete the work independently.  We must have accurate results to guide the next steps for your child and the assessments take a lot of work on the part of the teacher in terms of marking and tracking these.  Therefore I kindly ask you to support your child with encouraging words however not to give answers.  In G3B parents have left their child to do the test and then gone through it with the child making notes for the teacher on the paper.  They have also made notes where the child struggled or found things easy by putting a circle around the question and a small note.  This is very helpful feedback for the teacher.

5° Elementare Exam

On 10th, 11th and 12th June the Grade 6 students will have an Italian Exhibiton where they will present their research which they have prepared for the exam.  This will be an opportunity for them to share their work and for teachers to give feedback on how they could develop the presentation.

For students who are continuing into MYP1 at ISC, our local Fino Mornasco School will host us for the 5° Elementare Exam in the first or second week of September.  There will be the written and mathematics exams plus the oral presentation – graded by the commission of teachers from the school.

At the moment we do not have the details of exact dates and logistics but we are very happy to announce that the possibility for the exam is there for returning students.  When we have more details we will communicate these however we will offer times in August (the week before the exams) for students to have a final practice of their oral presentation.  Parents may wish to practice over the summer and revise grammar and mathematics to avoid the stress of coming back to school and immediately going into an exam.  Grade 5 will have the opportunity to watch some presentations to help them understand what is required in Grade 6.

A huge thank you to our Italian Team for preparing our Grade 6 students for this important process.

Creative Arts Month

arts (1)

The month of June is dedicated to the Creative Arts.  Teachers will develop activities with your children around the Creative Arts and we will have different stimuli across the month to allow us to get creative.  If you would like to lead a Zoom lesson or share a talent please let myself or your child’s homeroom teacher know.  The theme of the Arts Month is:  OUR WONDERFUL WORLD.  Here is the link to the Creative Arts Padlet to find resources to explore with your child/children:

Upcoming Events:


Self Study:  As you know, we have our Evaluation Visit from the IB coming up next academic year.  We had a group of parents who met with me to give their feedback on the PYP and suggest evidence of where we were meeting the standards.  Now it is the turn of the students.  So far I have received two emails of children able to participate in this important activity.  If your child would like to be part of the group, please do email me:

June 10th:  Grade One Transition to Grade 2 Parent Meeting

I would like to remind Grade 1 parents that on Wednesday 10th June I invite Grade 1 parents to a Virtual Zoom meeting about transitioning to Grade 2.  We will explain the Grade 2 programme, the ways we can work to support your child transition into the Elementary school and of course to answer any questions you have.  I will record the meeting for any parents who are unable to attend.

June 15th at 14.00 pm:  We would like to invite our Grade 6 families to the Grade 6 Graduation where we will celebrate their journey through PYP into the Middle School.   This is a very special moment and I invite all Grade 6 children to ensure they fully participate in their Arts Zoom sessions in order to be fully involved in the Graduation.


I wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

Jane Whittle