Primary School: 04/10/2019

Welcome to the next PYP Blog!  Here are some important updates and reminders for the week ahead.

Back to Learning Day – Grade 2-6

back to learning

On Wednesday 9th October, parents have the opportunity to participate in one lesson with their child to understand more about a PYP classroom.  It is an opportunity to sit with your child, join in the activities and hopefully have fun!  Your child’s Homeroom Teacher has communicated the lessons happening on Wednesday through Class Dojo with the link to sign up to the event.

The link can also be found here:

There are a maximum of 5 parents per lesson and a parent may sign up to one session only in order to allow all parents an opportunity to participate.

Back to Learning Day – Early Years

On Wednesday 27th November, parents in the Early Years will have Back to Learning Day.  The same process will be followed as described above and a communication will be sent out in November through Class Dojo.

Upcoming Parent Workshop

On Tuesday 22nd October at 08:50 our next PYP Parent Workshop will take place with a focus on assessment.  If you would like to know more about how your child is assessed in the PYP and what is expected in the Enhanced PYP then please come along!

Dress Up Day


As part of our Science Week, we invite all students to dress up as a Scientist on 7th October.  The theme of the week is The Moon: Gateway to the Stars so your child can take a space theme if they prefer.  We had wonderful costumes for the Learner Profile Dress Up so I am looking forward to seeing your child’s creativity.

Planning Afternoon

planningCollaborative Planning is a requirement of the PYP.  In collaborative planning, teachers work together to carefully analyse the upcoming Central Idea for a unit, to consider the direction of the unit and to plan co-teaching moments.  On Friday 18th October, school will close at 13:00 so that collaborative planning can take place with all staff.  During this time Ms Marianne Valentine – the Early Years Inspired Lead Teacher will be working with our Early Years Team.

Books Home


I hope you enjoyed looking through your child’s work.  Books will go home again on Friday October 18th so you can see what has happened over the last couple of weeks.

Open Day

A polite reminder that Saturday 9th November is a school day from 08:30 – 13:45.  Your children will follow their normal lessons and visitors will have the opportunity to see the PYP in ACTION!


Winter Shows

We are excitedly planning for the EY and Elementary Winter Shows which are coming up in December.  Elementary will perform on 11th December at 09:00 and Early Years on 13th December at 09:15.  We are looking forward to seeing you there.

IB Training


As part of the Enhanced PYP requirements, I will be attending an IB workshop entitled Building for the Future.  This is a compulsory workshop for PYP Coordinators in order to ensure everyone is aware of all the new changes and how to drive them forward.  It is a 3 day course and therefore I shall be absent from school on Friday 11th October.  I will be bringing back some exciting resources to share with teachers and parents in upcoming workshops.


All Grade 2-6 parents should have now received an invitation to sign up to ManageBac as a parent.  This will allow you to access your child’s reports, their portfolio in Grade 4-6, to see the calendar of events for the upcoming term and to access parent information on policies, newsletters and parent presentations. If you have not received your login please email Mr. Humphrey (  A How to Use ManageBac Guide can be found on the Class Story of Dojo.

And finally….

Our school is growing and therefore it is important that as a community we work together on following routines in order to keep everyone safe.  Early Years parents – please collect your child from their classroom.  Elementary parents please collect your child from the MYP playground.  Parents with children in both sections of the Primary School are also asked to follow these guidelines and not to collect their Elementary child from inside the building.  Thank you for your attention and collaboration to this procedure.