Primary School: 01/02/2019

Welcome to the next edition of the PYP Newsletter!

Parent Continuum Workshop


Ms Lockett and I would like to invite all parents to our Self Study Workshop this Tuesday 5th February at 08:50 in the MYP Atrium.  The purpose of this parent workshop is to introduce the process of the IB Self Study which our entire community will be participating in over the upcoming year.  The workshop will help you to understand the different elements of the IB Self Study and to view the Standards and Practices from which the school will be assessed.

This is also an opportunity to join one of the committees responsible for evaluating the school’s progress and to lead the parent contribution to the Self Study.  We would be very happy to see as many parents as possible at the meeting.  If you are unable to attend but wish to be part of the committee, please do not hesitate to contact me:

Parent-Teacher Conferences


On Thursday, January 31 you will be able to read your child’s Mid-Year Report.  It may be that following this you would like to have a meeting with your child’s Homeroom Teacher to:  ask questions about the reports, view assessments taken place or to ask further questions about goals for your child.  In the week of  February 4th – February 8th teachers will be available to meet with parents for these Conferences.  Please organise a time convenient to both you and the teacher by emailing your teacher through Class Dojo.  These meetings are optional meetings for those parents who would like further clarification on their child’s report.

Mid-Year Reports

On January 31st PYP Parents received their child’s Mid-Year Report.  This is a summary of where your child is achieving at this half way point of the year.  Early Years Parents will receive the report by email.  Grade 2-6 Parents will be able to download the report from ManageBac by clicking on the REPORTS tab on the left hand side of the screen.  For ManageBac login issues please email Mr. Humphrey:

Step 1:  Log in to ManageBac

Step 2:  Click on the Reports Tab on the left hand side – you find it below “Portfolio.”


Step 3:  You will see the report ready to download as a PDF

Grade 2-6 Unit Four Newsletters

download 1

It is incredible that we have already arrived at Unit 4.  On Monday 4th February teachers will be helping your children tune into their new Unit of Inquiry.  If you would like to find out what the unit is about and specifics on what your children will be exploring across the curriculum, you can download the UNIT NEWSLETTER on the Parents Page of ManageBac.  By entering the PYP Parents Page and clicking on your child’s grade level, you will have access to the Newsletters folder.  The Newsletter also includes advice on how to support your child further within the unit.

Grade 4, 5,6:  International Schools Assessments (ISA)


On the 18th-20th February all Grade 4, 5 and 6 students will participate in an assessment of their Maths, English Writing and Reading Comprehension skills.  This is an opportunity for your child to sit in test conditions and to answer a set of questions or to respond to stimuli for writing.  The ISA tests are set over a period of three days and will take place in the morning when your children are fresh.

On these days (as every day) please make sure your child is in school for 8.40 and has a water bottle filled.  The tests will begin at 8.45 and once started cannot be interrupted by late students.

What is the purpose of the ISA?

  • To gain a snapshot of where each child in the class is within the different subject areas
  • To gain an understanding of where the whole class level is compared to all schools taking the test
  • To help teachers to analyse the current programme and make any adapatations – ISA will produce a document explaining which questions were answered well and which not.  Teachers then reflect on these outcomes and make changes to the programme where necessary

The results of the ISA usually arrive in late April/early May and will be uploaded to your child’s ManageBac Portfolio.  I kindly ask that you keep in mind that not all children will perform well under test conditions.  The ISA test is a very small snapshot of where your child is as a learner and is one part of a wider assessment process which includes a whole range of formative and summative assessments.  For more information on the assessment tools and strategies you can download the PYP Parent Presentation on Assessment from the Parents Page of ManageBac.

And finally… Indoor/Outdoor Shoes


Now the wet and snowy months have arrived it is very important that your children’s feet are dressed for the season!  All PYP students are encouraged to bring in snow boots/wellington boots for outdoor play.  However in the school building, students will need to change into an indoor pair of shoes.  Why?  Snow boots and Wellies are heavy on the feet and are not suitable for indoor class activities.  Moreover if they are muddy and wet, children will bring this into the classroom and onto the carpets which mean they can’t be used.  Students who play on the football pitch are kindly asked to bring a spare pair of trainers and socks so that their feet are not wet for the entire day.  I have also reminded teachers of this expectation so time is given to changing shoes.  I would highly recommend your child leaves a pair of indoor shoes and a spare pair of socks in their locker/cubbie/on their peg to change into.  Thank you very much for your cooperation.

I wish you a happy week ahead!