Primary: 23/11/2018

It has arrived!  The Enhanced PYP is published

We are very happy to announce that the new document PYP:  From Principles into Practice has now been published.  IB schools have until May 2020 to implement the changes to the programme and at ISComo we have set an action plan to ensure we stay on the correct timeline for implementation.  You can read more about the Enhanced PYP in this weeks’ PYP Curriculum Corner and all parent workshops will now include references to the Enhanced PYP.  In the staff  meeting this week I launched the new document with staff with a Launch Party and they delved straight into the Action and Planning sections of the document.  We have a fantastic team to drive the implementation of the Enhanced PYP and I feel extremely privileged to be part of the journey.

Collaborative Planning Afternoon

This Friday 23rd November school will close for students at 13pm.  This is to allow for a collaborative planning afternoon for staff.  The PYP units are transdisciplinary meaning that at least three subject areas are focusing on the central idea and lines of inquiry. In collaborative planning the teachers meet together to read the reflections on the unit undertaken last year, to explore the potential connections between subjects and to plan out the provocations for the unit, possible action and the summative task.  This is an invaluable moment for teachers to discuss and collaborate creating exciting units of inquiry for your students.  This is also a moment where I revise elements of the PYP with the teachers and this meeting will recap on the use of Key Concepts and Concept Based Teaching and Learning.

Back to Learning Day

We are getting very excited about Back to Learning Day where parents have the chance to be students and participate in a lesson with their child’s class.  We hope you enjoy the experience in a PYP classroom.  To sign up for the event please follow this link.

Parent Workshop

On Tuesday, November 27 at 08:50 am we will have the next PYP Parent Workshop with a focus on Transitioning from PYP to MYP.  The workshop is open to all parents but will be of particular relevance to Grade 5 & 6 parents.  The workshop will explain the similarities between the PYP and MYP, the ways in which the MYP develops on from PYP and will highlight ways to prepare your child for their journey into the Middle Years Programme.  We hope to see you there.

A little reminder

Now the Winter months are drawing in it is very important that your children’s feet are dressed for the season!  All PYP students are encouraged to bring in snow boots/wellington boots for outdoor play.  However in the school building, students will need to change into an indoor pair of shoes.  Why?  Snow boots and Wellies are heavy on the feet and are not suitable for indoor class activities.  Moreover if they are muddy and wet, children will bring this into the classroom and onto the carpets which mean they can’t be used.  Students who play on the football pitch are kindly asked to bring a spare pair of trainers and socks so that their feet are not wet for the entire day.  I have also reminded teachers of this expectation so time is given to changing shoes.  I would highly recommend your child leaves a pair of indoor shoes and a spare pair of socks in their locker/cubbie/on their peg to change into.  Thank you very much for your cooperation.


Hip Hop at ISC

We have had a number of fieldtrips this week and Grade 5 and 6 also participated in an in-school workshop with Navid Razavi who flew all the way from Oslo, Norway to present to our children.  Navid is an IB Graduate with a passion for dance and the messages it can deliver.  Navid shared his inspirational story on how he developed a love for dance and how he has used dance to take action around the world.  He spoke about the importance of growth-mindset, resilience, self belief and the importance of having a dream.

Navid was in the finals of Norway’s Got Talent and he treated the children to a dance workshop which they thoroughly enjoyed.  This was a wonderful way to connect to the Units of Inquiry but also to the deeper concepts of action and student agency.  We can’t wait for his next visit and further collaborative projects.


Halloween Hearts

I was very happy to receive a letter from the Student Council today explaining the PYP raised 317€ by dressing up in Halloween costumes.  The money raised has gone directly to Alice for Children towards their education programme.

And Finally….

Our Winter Shows are coming around fast and you can book your two seats through the Doodle Poll published on Class Dojo or here below.  The children are very excited to perform their songs and we are really looking forward to sharing our work with you.

Book here for the Early Years Show

Book here for the Grade 2-6 Show