Primary: 19/10/2018

ISC Events…

UN Day

UN Day this year will take place on Wednesday 24 October.  This is an incredible event with 42 countries represented.  The event will begin at 09:00 with a whole school assembly led by our DP students.  This will be followed by a parade of nations and finally the Taste of the Nation Food festival.  Homeroom teachers will work with their classes on what is meant by the UN and connect the work of the United Nations to the Learner Profile and International Mindedness.

We invite all children to dress up on UN Day either in their traditional dress, the colours of their country or by decorating their face with their country’s flag. 

This is a very special event at ISC and reminds us of the importance and value of being internationally minded.  I would like to thank all parents who are involved in creating the stands for each country and wish the ISC Community a fabulous UN Day.


Halloween Hearts

Our fundraising events for Alice for Children continues and Student Council have planned the next dress up event with a Halloween Theme. On Friday 26 October, we would like to see as many students as possible in Halloween Costumes (homemade costumes are encouraged!) In order to participate in this dress up day Student Council ask for 2 € per child.  With 193 students in the PYP this would have a very positive impact on our fundraising if all children participate.  We will also have a Quidditch Tournament (without broomsticks!) during playtime on this Friday.  During the week, teachers will explain the rules to the students so they can form teams.  I wonder who will win?!


Our fieldtrip schedule is now well underway!  This week saw Grade 6 visit the Regional Council for Lombardy and Grade 5 explored puppetry at a theatre in Como.  If you would like to accompany your child’s class on a trip, please email me at:

PYP Reminders…

Unit 2 Newsletters Grade 2-6

The Unit Newsletters are a useful source of information as they give you details about the upcoming unit of inquiry.  They explain the content of the unit of inquiry, the maths and language objectives and the content for each subject area collaborating on the unit.  To download the Unit Newsletter please visit the PYP Parents Page of Managebac, click on Files, click on your child’s grade level and the Unit Newsletter folder.  For quick access to the Parents Page click here!


We have now had six weeks of the homework timetable and I hope that you are now into a routine with planned days for homework.  I would like to remind the PYP Community that homework is a compulsory part of the programme.  I will be asking teachers to inform me of students who repeatedly miss homework deadlines as it is an important part of school life.  Please respect the homework guidelines to ensure your child can fully participate in activities linked to homework in the classroom.

Snacks at School

School does provide a morning snack for your children however I would like to kindly remind you that if you choose to provide a snack for your child it must be:

  • A healthy snack
  • Nut Free

Please respect these criteria to ensure we keep a healthy and safe school for everyone.



Thank you to all parents who are dressing their child in the correct school uniform and ensuring their child removes jewellery for PE lessons.  As the winter months draw in, please ensure your child has:

  • A warm jacket for playing outside in
  • An ISC jacket/jumper for the classroom
  • Indoor shoes if students come to school in their Wellington Boots