Primary: 09/11/2018

Back to Learning Day

On Wednesday, November 28 ISC will host the Back to Learning Day.

What is this?

This is a chance to turn up to school in your uniform and become a student in your child’s homeroom class.  You will be able to participate in a PYP lesson, be part of the student body and understand more about the PYP in action.

We do hope that as many parents as possible will sign up to the event. How do I sign up?

1) Click on this link

2) Go to your child’s Homeroom Teacher

3) Write your name into one time slot

Please sign up for one slot only to allow every parent to participate.  This is a normal teaching day and we kindly ask that parents enter into the spirit of the event – this is not a time to ask teachers questions about your child but to experience a lesson in the PYP environment.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at


The Early Years Environment

We are very excited by the landscaped garden we now have for the Early Years students and we are looking forward to getting into gardening.  This week saw the arrival of our new chairs and tables.  The tables are Atelier tables and have transformed the environment already.  The furniture has been brought from ISAF which is the Inspired recommended supplier for Reggio Emilia furniture.  We are very excited about the changes this has brought to the Early Years classrooms and I hope you are happy with them.  We also purchased a new changing table for the Pre K students.

Student Teachers in the PYP

It is nearly time to say goodbye to Tristen Burns who has been an incredible member of the Grade 4 classroom.  Recently Ms Madeline Koble joined our Grade 6 class and on Monday Ms Carly Gomez arrived from the University of Wisconsin in the USA.  Ms Gomez is an Art specialist and will be completing her final teaching placement before graduating.  She will work with Ms Clutterbuck, Ms Norman and Ms Lockett and will take charge of the staging for our Winter Show.  We are very excited to have her and wish her every success for her placement.

The Winter Show

The Grade 2-6 Winter Show takes the theme of Annie Meets Oliver.  The children are beginning to learn their songs and choreography and we are very excited about the upcoming performance.  The show will take place at San Fermo Theatre on Thursday, December 13 at 09:00. 

Getting to the Theatre:  Please bring your child/children to the theatre in their costumes for 8.45.  Your child/children will return to school using a private bus after the show.

Booking a ticket:  The theatre has a 200 seat capacity and therefore we would like to initially allocate 2 tickets per student.  I kindly ask that you complete the Doodle Poll link here by entering one name per line to book your seat.

We hope to see as many of our community there as possible.  Details of costumes required will be sent home through your child’s Homeroom teacher.

Dress in Blue for World Children’s Day

The PYP aims to help children become internationally minded and to take action on the global stage.  We help your children to raise their awareness of current issues and ways they can make a difference at the local and global scale.  One way we approach this is through the Sustainable Development Goals.  World Children’s Day is on Tuesday November 20th and is a moment when children all around the world come together to think about a world issue.  The theme of this year is “no violence.” UNICEF are therefore organising a Turn the World Blue Day.  All students are invited to come head to toe in blue – a symbol to remind everyone that we want a world where every child is in school, safe from harm where they can fulfill their potential.  We hope as many of the ISC Community as possible will participate in this event.  You can find out more about World Children’s Day here.


Inspired PYP Coordinator’s Meeting

On November 26, I will attend the Inspired PYP Coordinators Meeting held at the International School of Milan.  This is an opportunity to talk about potential connections between schools and to ensure all schools are prepared for the Enhanced PYP.  We will also be joined by Marianne Valentine who will update us on Early Years policies and we will even Skype with an Inspired school in Peru.  I hope to bring back lots of ideas from the meeting.

Image result for inspired school logo

And finally….

The Grade 2-6 End of Unit Reports will be published on your child’s ManageBac Portfolio by Wednesday, November 14.  I hope you find these helpful indications of your child’s progress throughout Unit One.