Primary: 05/10/2018


In the week of 22nd October, you will have the opportunity to book a 15 minute slot with the Homeroom Teacher in order to discuss your child’s progress to date.  The meeting will focus on Mathematics, Language, Unit of Inquiry and Behaviour.  This is an opportunity for the Homeroom Teacher to give specific information on your child’s progress and to share results of assessments.  It is a chance for you to ask questions about your child and understand their targets for the term.  So how do you sign up?  Each Homeroom Teacher will send their availability through a sign-up sheet on Dojo.  I kindly ask you to choose one time slot.  This is an essential part of the assessment process and I do hope that all parents will be able to attend.



PYP students worked very hard during Anti-Bullying week in both their classrooms and on the playground.  In our assembly this week, we reflected on the theme of Respect and I reminded students that the theme is an important one for the entire year and not only in the Anti-Bullying Week.  We will continue to refer to the theme during the year and we hope IS Como will be a Bully Free Zone.  If your child does experience bullying, please do encourage them to speak to their teacher or another adult so that we can help to resolve the issue promptly.  Thank you to those who have viewed our display in the Atrium showing some of the work completed during the week.



I am very excited to announce that ISComo will host an Early Years Workshop led by Marianne Valentine this Friday during collaborative planning.  The event will be attended by over 15 educators from the Inspired Group and will focus on the Image of the Child, Documentation in the Early Years and implementation of the Inspired Early Years Approach.  This will be a wonderful moment for our EY educators to connect with other Inspired educators and to foster links between the schools.  Marianne will also return during the year for further professional development for our teachers.




Thank you to all parents who have attended the Parent Workshops so far this year.  I hope they give you further insight into our programme and the philosophy behind the PYP.  I sent out, through the Class Story of Dojo, the menu of workshops for this year and you can also download it from ManageBac from the Parents Page.

Our next workshop is on 16th October and is dedicated to the Pre-K, Kinder, Transition and Grade 1 Parents.  This workshop will be led by myself and Ms Carla Harrison – our Early Years Coordinator.  In the workshop we will give further details on the PYP Enhancements in the Early Years which directs our work, we will explore teaching and learning strategies in the Early Years with a heavy focus on the Pedagogy of Play.  This will be a practical workshop so we ask parents to come prepared to be 4 years old! I hope this workshop will help parents to understand what is meant by play based learning and discovery and how educators use this methodology within the Inspired Early Years Approach.

All workshops are uploaded to the Parents Page of ManageBac for your reference.


The Menu of Workshops



In the PYP we have a weekly assembly in which all PYP students from Pre K – Grade Six come together as a community.  The purpose of the assembly is to strengthen the ethos of the school and the positive impact of student agency, to share music with Ms Nicoletta and to hear a range of stories and poems connected with the theme of the Assembly.  The Assembly is also an opportunity for me to share information with the students and to promote the PYP through activities related to the Approaches to Learning and Key Concepts.

This week, Grade Five led our assembly.  They shared raps, stories, poems and drama relating to the unit on beliefs.  Students had the opportunity to share “positive pat” comments with grade five on what they enjoyed about the assembly.

In each assembly we also share a page from the book “Lost Words” by Robert Macfarlane. This is an incredible book detailing words which have been removed from the children’s modern dictionary.  They are mostly nature based words and have sparked curiosity amongst the students.  This week’s word was “Blue Bell” and this led to a discussion about pollination and the protection of bees.  Assemblies are one of my most special times of the week and I am very grateful to share this moment with the entire PYP student body.



Ms Nicoletta, Ms Carla and I have been busy discussing the Winter Shows .  The Winter Show is an important celebration of the Arts and a moment for students to perform together and learn more about how a stage production is put together.  I would like to share the dates of the shows with you for your information.

Early Years (Pre K – G1) Shows:

  • Tuesday 11th December @ 14.30pm
  • Friday 14th December @ 14.30pm

Location:  ISC Studio

Elementary (G2-G6) Show: 

  • Thursday 13th December @ 9.00am

Location:  San Fermo theatre – Located in San Fermo della Battaglia

Details on ticket booking and arrangements for the shows will be provided in future newsletters and via Class Dojo.  I do hope that many people will be able to attend.

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Our fieldtrip programme is now underway with some PYP classes already having participated in fieldtrips outside of school or in school through workshops.  I do hope your children will enjoy the experiences over the year.  Each class will have one fieldtrip/in school workshop per unit which may relate to the unit of inquiry, a single subject or to the attributes of the Learner Profile.

Our Grade 4, 5 and 6 classes have began their workshops with Attivamente.  These are fascinating workshops which lead your children through moments of reflection on issues such as bullying and self-esteem.  I am very grateful to Ms Chiara for fostering this relationship with Attivamente and all Elementary classes will have an opportunity to participate in these workshops over the year.

Information about fieldtrips is sent through Class Dojo and posted on the ManageBac Calendar.  This week has also seen our Transition and Grade One class participate in workshops at MUBA in Milan and Grade Three have visited the Flower Show in Villa Erba.  Upcoming trips include The Egyptian Museum, an in school workshop on determination and resilience, the Science Museum in Milan, various farms in the local area, theatres and outdoor learning centres.  I am also busy planning the residential trips for Grade 5 and 6 and an information meeting on these trips will be held before the Winter Break.


Grade Six visit Rome as part of their unit on Ancient Civilisations.

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