MYP Curriculum Corner: 23/11/2018

What’s happening in ?

You may wonder what is happening in our MYP classes. You have already seen the annual plans and had information on the subjects and timetables, but what work is being produced? How is learning happening?

As an IB school an IB education is focused on concepts, looking at ideas and issues that cross disciplines. The approach is holistic, it is inquiry based and our students are encouraged to be active learners, collaborators and risk takers. There will be a range of outcomes and learning approaches happening that will be developing a wide range of skills in different areas such as thinking, communication, social, self-management and research. These are called the ATL skills and are very important for teaching and learning. If you would like to learn more about ATL’s then please come to our ATL workshop for parents on April 16.

Preview of some great work

So much is happening in classes, in Design lessons with Miss Ricco, all students are currently on the third quarter of the design cycle and they’re creating their designs. This is one of the most exciting steps as they have the opportunity to use CAD (computer aided design) programmes. Students created a poster advertising anything of their choice, however the poster was to incorporate the Bauhaus movement characteristics. They used Adobe Photoshop. Leonard is advertising the Nike Air, image below is by Leonard Alsleben.


In Biology, with Ms Ackers, Grade 11 have been investigating enzymes in connection to their unit on digestion and nutrition.


In Grade 9 Visual Arts with Ms Karen, students are continuing their landscapes project after exhibiting their work in the Zero Gravity exhibition at the Hilton Hotel. They are being inspired by a range of artists inquiring about their artworks. Students are currently learning about perspective and will make a final artwork connected to global issues.

In English Language and Literature grade 8 have finished reading The Giver and examining the importance of memory. Below shows some of the beautiful work they created in connection to memories.

The MYP monthly monitor – now the ISC Times – Reminder

Last year there was a monthly monitor that was published giving information about what was happening in MYP. This year is has been revised, become very student led. The lead is Anais Wyder who is doing this as her CAS project (creativity, action, service). It is an extended club that happens every Wednesday and it filled with a range of students from MYP and different grades. Students will work individually and in pairs to write relevant stories for the ISC times. They will write about school events, trips, activities as well as about global issues that are interesting to them and they would like to share. Please visit the site that will be updated on the first Thursday of every month and subscribe! ISC Times – click here