MYP Curriculum Corner: 22/03/2019

IB whole school self study

As some of you may be aware, our school will be evaluated by the IB in February 2020. They will see how we have developed over the last 5 years since the last evaluation visit and the whole school community will be involved.

There are a range of IB standards and practices that we must find evidence to support our continued IB school status. I would like to give an overview of the standards and practices that apply to our parents so they have the opportunity to understand the process and help to support us.

Standard A Philosophy: The school’s educational beliefs and values reflect IB philosophy.

This is what it may look like – our mission statement, having an understanding the IB philosophy, being internationally minded, the learner profile, the importance of language, having a commitment to the IB programme and being part of the IB world community.

Standard B1 Leadership and Structure : The school’s leadership and administrative structures ensure the implementation of the IB programme(s).

This is what it may look like – Keeping the governing body informed, leadership supporting the implementation of the programme, leadership showing alignment with IB philosophy, our school policies, our programme development and evaluation.

Standard B2 Resources and Support: The school’s resources and support structures ensure the implementation of the IB programme(s).

This is what it looks like – funding to develop the programmes, professional development for teachers, time given for collaborative planning of teachers, physical and virtual learning environments, the libraries, learning support, student counseling, community resources, resources for G6 exhibition and G11 personal project.

Standard C3 Teaching and Learning: Teaching and learning reflects IB philosophy.

This is what it looks like – Engaging learners as inquirers and thinkers, being academically honest, students are being responsible for their own learning, language needs (diversity), language development, teaching strategies, differentiation of teaching, ICT and stimulating learning environments.

We have parent groups have already begun to support us in our self-study process during our IB self study parent workshop in February 2019. The next parent meetings will be on April 9th to discuss evidence and to understand the standards in more detail. If you are interested to join one of the above groups then please email me and we would warmly welcome your contributions to support our school through the evaluation process together.

Kind regards,

Mrs Karen Lockett
MYP Coordinator