MYP Curriculum Corner: 19/10/2018

Leading on from last month’s curriculum corner which was an introduction to the programme and the MYP continuum, this issue will look at the benefits of the MYP as well as what to expect from the MYP programme at ISC.

Why is the IB different?

This is a question I’m often asked and I really enjoy to explain and share the positive benefits students gain from an international education.

When you’ve witnessed how fast the world is developing and changing, especially in the world of work, we are no longer able to fully understand the world our students will experience when they leave the safety of our school. What jobs will be available? What technologies will be obsolete and outdated? What do our students really need to know and learn? These questions will worry many students and parents. This is why the international baccalaureate is so different and beneficial, I’ll explain why.

In the IB students drive their own learning and are encouraged to be independent, to take ownership of how and what they learn. These are transferable skills that a rapidly changing world requires. Students learn how to learn, think critically and ask questions. Through an inquiry approach our students not only excel academically but also personally.

In the IB we have the student at the centre of everything that we do, we develop their attributes through the learner profile and this is an aspect of the IB that is one of the most important. To develop students to be inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective will help students to become responsible and able to take shared guardianship of the planet.

What will your child experience in our MYP programmes?

MYP is classed as the first 5 years after elementary school, MYP 1-5 otherwise known as Grades 7-11. The last two years of MYP, in Grade 10 and 11, students are classed as high school students. The last two years of High School (Grades 12 and 13) are still classed as High School but students enter a new programme which is no longer the MYP but the DP. The Diploma Programme is an internationally accepted qualification which is recognized by many Universities worldwide. It’s a rigorous and academic course that prepares students for university.

MYP has a multidisciplinary approach with many different and exciting subjects offered such as Mathematics, Science, English Language and Literature, Italian, Conversational Italian, Spanish, German, Humanities (History and Geography), Design, Technical Drawing, Visual Art, Music, Drama, PHE (Physical and Health Education), Public Speaking and Robotics.

In MYP 1-3 we offer an International or an Italian Strand which give students the option to follow the full MYP international curriculum or a blended curriculum with more lessons taught in Italian. The Italian Strand is to work towards the Terza Media Italian Exam in MYP3 (Grade 9). This is optional and depends on the students and family’s needs. After MYP3 all students follow the same pathway of the full IB programme.

Our facilities at ISC are new and contemporary. We have new science labs, equipped art studios, spacious and loved library, a theatre, football pitch and many more amazing facilities. Please come and see and book a tour of the middle school.

On Tuesday 23 October from 08:45 there will be an Introduction to MYP workshop were new parents and parents needing a refresher course can attend. Please come along if you can.

Karen Lockett