Grade 8 – Maths and Science

What we miss about school

  • Friends and teachers
  • Walking around all the classes
  • Spending time with other people
  • Being able to go outside 
  • We miss I think doing some work by hand (because we are always looking at screens now)
  • Working in groups (in person), we still get to group work but it is all over phone calls and video chats.

What we enjoy about virtual learning

  • That we can see our friend or teachers online
  • We can have better food at home
  • That we can sleep a little bit longer than usual 
  • We can stay comfortable in our own rooms
  • We can improve our technology skills
  • We get to use the program Blue Jeans which we don’t normally use

Work that we are proud of

Online learning also brought me to the creation of some interesting projects:

  • We are very proud of our science presentations on Mendeleev, the founder of the periodic table. We worked really hard and put a lot of effort, adding detail when and where possible. The skills that we have learned will help us throughout our lives.
  • We  were able to successfully complete a  cross number quiz in math, where we had to work together to make sure everything was correct. Within a group of 4 people, there were two separate groups, one focusing on the vertical column and one on the horizontal column and therefore you weren’t able to complete the quiz without the help of the other group. This helps us all improve our teamwork and collaboration skills!



Grade 8A contributions


Volume at Home by Gustav – click here to access the .pdf


How feel about volume by Poppy:

Copy of HowIFeelAboutVolumePoppy

Ismaele talking about what he misses about school:


Nazarii talking about his virtual learning experience:


Look at this class video! “Our thoughts on Online Learning” (edited by Nicolas):

Grade 8B contributions


Volume at Home by Jordi – click here to access the .pdf

Madeleine presenting her Robotics Project:


Gianmaria talking about science and what he misses about school: