Grade 7B – Our Virtual Learning Experience

Individuals and Societies

Here in Grade 7B we reflected on our Virtual Learning Experiences during this period of lockdown, while Italy desperately tries to protect its citizens from the spread of the CoronaVirus.

All of the students have been involved in trying to express their thoughts on their Virtual Learning Experience and what they miss about school. Students have provided their thoughts through writing or by creating video’s. A selection of these is shown below.

As a year group we have asked the students also to provide examples of work they have been really proud of within the Individuals and Societies group of subjects. Some of these examples are added below to showcase their work. We have also added student work from other subjects as they have really stood out.

My experience in virtual learning This couple of weeks of virtual learning is a different experience. I like that I’m at my house, I don’t like the fact that I have too much screen time because it gives me a headache. Also, I don’t like that I’m not able to see my friends at school. I like that in some classes we make video calls because it is easier to do the work and we are also able to communicate with my class. I really miss my friends and some of the teachers. I wished that this would be over and that we could go back to school. In humanities, I’m really liked the class of humanities that we had one day. The teacher made us a quiz in Kahoot of volcanos, and I liked that class because it is a fun way to learn. I like the classes that we have in international history, we are learning about Islam. And in international geography, we are making a presentation on a volcano which I am really excited about.

By Simona


By Veeti

Video: My Virtual Learning Day by Aurelio


Video: My Virtual Learning Day by Riccardo C.


Video: My Virtual Learning Day by Benedetta


Example of Student Work

Here are some examples of the student work of Grade 7B

Riccardo C. : “My life as an Anglo-Saxon child”

Dear Diary,

My name is Jeff and I am 12 years old. I live in an Anglo-Saxon village in Scandinavia and today I want to tell you about my life.rc1

To begin with, I would like to tell you that being an Anglo-Saxon boy is difficult because I am always busy helping my family on their farms, I also have to get wood from the forest and cut it .

I always help my family with their farm, I collect wood from the forest. When I have free time I play with wooden toys, I also play board games with counters and dice. I mostly do those activities with my dad. Sometimes those activities are boring and hard, but they can be useful for the village and for our family.I don’t really like to do hard and busy work, what I really like is that in my free time I can play with my lovely toys made of wood.

rc2I do not go to school because my family doesn’t have enough money to pay the school. There are some rich kids in the village who do go to school, even with their personal and private tutor!

Now I would like to tell you about my village.

My house is made out of wood and straw, sometimes in my house it is freezing cold. In my village there are many farmers which have many animals, architects that build houses and hunters who hunt animals to eat.rc3

Finally, I want to tell you about laws in our society. Do you know that we don’t have prisons? But you should know that laws are strict. For example, if you stole something and then ran away, you are an outlaw. And if you stole something but got caught then they would cut off pieces of your own body !

Dear Diary, I wish I could tell you more about my life, but it is super late, and I have to go to bed before I get told off! My life is harder than life in the 21st century, we are also very behind, and our laws are super strict ! Good Night,


Video: Pola using Flip Grid in Spanish


Benedetta’s sketch of a volcano


Pola’s critical thinking task on the 5 pillars of Islam (International History)


After reading some facts on each one of the 5 Pillars of Islam, you’ve learned some of the ways in which Muslims worship. To Muslims, all these pillars are equally important. But what’s your opinion on them? Which ones do you think are the most and the least important in showing a person’s faith? Rank them from 1 (most important) to 5 (least important) and justify your choice: