Grade 7A – Individuals and Societies

Experiences of virtual learning

Elisa: I really enjoy, virtual learning, because I manage to focus more on my work, since I am in a silent place where only I stay.

Luella: I am a bit bored doing online working. I have to sit in the same place all day, and I’m staring at my computer all day. My eyes really hurt and it’s giving me bad headaches. 

Madeleine: I enjoy working at our own pace. It is an experience that you don’t usually get in the actual classroom. It’s Also very comfortable to work in a place that is very familiar to you because it is where you do everything.

Andrea: I really enjoy virtual learning with humanities because I like completing word documents and doing kahoot at the end of the lesson. I miss seeing my friends and my usual table where I sit and obviously I miss the teacher and the whiteboard. 

Edoardo: I really miss doing normal lessons because in the normal lessons you can collaborate with the teacher without technical difficulty.

Riccardo M. : I think that virtual learning helps us to learn more things about technology and d makes us become independent. However I also think we have too much work and we sit all day watching the pc which I bad for our health. In Fact sometimes when I finish to work on my pc my eyes are burning and I become tired and annoying.

Leo: Experiencing virtual learning is really fun although I would like to decrease screen time since for the last  few days I had headaches Because of the PC. I really like virtual learning because I can do lots of work from home and it is more comfortable but I miss all my friends and all of my teachers since they used to help me a lot. They still help me nut I could ask questions much faster and so complete my work faster.

Lucrezia: This experience of virtual learning is a big adventure, and as every big adventure it has some goods and some bad. For example, I don’t really like this amount of homework, it makes me so stressful . However this was an experience that not everyone had.

Jade: I think it is cool that we are online and that we make calls with white boards and screen shares but the only thing I don’t like is that we are stuck in our houses on our computer all the time. The teachers help us in the same way so it is okay. Sometimes I get tired because of the computer so I just take a break.

Christian: It is very strange doing a virtual learning instead of working at school, it is cool but if you don’t understand a thing about the work you have to email them every time that is annoying.

What We Miss About School

Jade: I miss the lessons that we do all together and the fact that the lesson is taught by a teacher that talks in person. I prefer when we do things as a class. 

Leo: I miss all the teachers and my friends since I only see them on BlueJeans. I miss all the teachers because I could ask question whenever I had one and now I have to email the to ask something so simple.

Riccardo M. : I miss my friends because I can only speak to them virtually, I miss the teachers and I miss walking around and doing physical work.

Andrea: I miss seeing my friends and my usual table where I sit and obviously I miss the teacher and the whiteboard.

Elisa: I miss seeing my friends, because I had loads of fun with them, and I miss assessments.

Madeleine: I miss being with my friends in person. I also miss not having computer glitches when the teacher is explaining something to us because there is constantly a glitch that either cuts of a demonstration or an explanation, and sometimes prevents you from asking questions to the teacher.

Luella: I miss seeing everyone and talking face to face. I especially miss my friends. I also miss going out. I miss having my books and not staring at a screen all day. 

Edoardo: I miss having break times with all of my friends and playing our favorite games in the playground.

Lucrezia: What I mostly miss about school are the classmates, who are next to you every time you need something or you need support. 

Christian: we missed about school first the classmates, my locker and playing football

Showcasing Work We Are Proud Of

Andrea: The work I am more proud of is my geography eruption acrostic poem:


Explosion of heat
Radiates anger and frustration
Usually mortal
Pray for your life
T​oo late to escape
I​mpossible to survive
Only danger
N​ever come close to it

Elisa: The work, that I am most proud of, is the art work, because I manage to finish every painting we have to finish, eg.

Madeleine: My favourite work that I have to show off is my diagram of the volcano

Luella: The work that I’m proud to showcase for humanities is my volcanoes document with the drawings I drew of the volcanoes. 

Riccardo M. : I am proud of my  history project because Even though me and my group can not communicate face to face we manage to communicate via internet and we still manage to create our project. Additionally I am working very hard on it and I am writing more information possible.

Racism Poem by Riccardo M.  

Racism is
Incredibily Uncivil
So please
Make it stop!!!

Edoardo: I am proud of my History work because I really gave everything I had in that google doc!

Leonardo: The work I am most proud of is really simple and so it is not much but I really like it. “It is not quantity but quality”. And the work I am most proud of is The work of, see-think-Wonder of history regarding 3 images of buddhism and hinduism. I really like that work because I really concentrated and got a really nice result.

Jade: The works that I am most proud of are spanish, history and design works because I put a lot of effort into them and I think I worked well whilst I did them.

Lucrezia: The work of Humanities that I am mostly proud of is the work “ What do people believe in” because that homework made me reflect in what I really believe 

Christian: the work that I am proud is the text of my song in Italian

Our Theme: Humanities

Elisa: History  &  Geography

Lucrezia: What do people believe in

Edoardo+Elisa+Lucrezia: Gli arabi in Sicilia

Jade: Anglo saxon diary / I really liked the task because I was able to participate in an Anglo-Saxon village!


Lucrezia: I am thankful that my parents support me everyday, despite the fact that they need to work and during their free time they dedicate it all on me. I am thankful that I have a smart, clever teacher who is ready at any moment to help me.

Riccardo M. : I am thankful for having principled and caring teachers. I am thankful for my mother because She helps my brother to do his homework,she cooks and cleans the house. Despite all this things she also finds time to work and interact with us. I am thankful to go to this school because the students are nice and we learn lots of english. I am thankful for the school materials I have because they help me do my work. I am thankful I live in a nice country which is not poor. I am thankful to have a happy family. I am thankful I have a caring brother. I am thankful to my friends because they are very principled and friendly. I am thankful to my grandparents because they are really nice and they always prepare the best food.

Elisa: I’m thankful to the world and the things that he gives me, I’m thankful to all the things I have, I’m thankful to both my parents and friends I love them all!

Christian: I am thankful that my parents help in difficult homework that I don’t understand like, my mom helped me on doing the launch of the javelin because I was really bad at doing it, my dog that cheers me up when I’m sad and also the teacher.

Jade: I am thankful that our world has so much history that we can learn from, I am happy we can visit places around the world and that there are geological places that are amazing. I am thankful that the teachers care about our learning and help us a lot improving. I am thankful that I have a nice family and friends that help me and cheer me up.

Madeleine: I am thankful that the school closed down before coronavirus hit it and all the teachers, young and old, and the students got it and some of the teachers and students had breathing problems. I am also thankful that we are not falling behind with classes and are staying ontop of all the classes.