Grade 11 – Learner Profile and how they are building skills to support them into DP

Grade 11 – Our Virtual Journey

Is Virtual Learning the future?

During this hard time, we are all faced with a big question: is this how school is going to be in the future? But mainly, do we want this kind of school in the future? Us Grade 11 students have reflected on our overall experiences with virtual learning and our feedback was mostly positive.

It took us a while to get used to learning new topics via BlueJeans, a whole new platform, and to turn in all of our homework digitally. We have become more principled as well as better communicators, since we had to find new ways of exchanging opinions, suggestions, advice, or simply talking. Our usual chat between classes had to be replaced, substituted by different platforms that us students learned to use, such as WhatsApp or Houseparty. Our brainstorming showed us that what we miss the most is being able to spend time together, during the lessons but at breaktime as well. A quote by Temesghen  really shows how our class is a big and friendly community: ‘What I miss most about school is communicating with our friends after class and during break time. I also miss being able to ask the teacher any questions about the task. Even though you can send an email or ask through Bluejeans, it’s not exactly the same’.

Our platforms are great and very functional, but they can’t replace the community feeling given by sharing a space, such as in school! ‘It is harder to motivate yourself to work when you are home alone the whole day.’, says Paul. Apart from this problem, our class is getting on well in this situation. We are developing new skills, as Beatrice said, ‘During The period of virtual learning I feel that I’ve grown some skills immensely. Starting from independence whilst doing work and following into communication virtual learning can be a great experience’.

We are looking at the traits of the IB Learner Profile and trying to improve ourselves as much as we can to make the most out of this experience. In this, our teachers have been very helpful and have guided us through the process of learning in the best way possible. Our opinion is that this could be a new way of learning in the future, but we are certain that it could never replace school as we know it, not so much for the learning itself, because essays and worksheets can still be completed at home, but for the community feelings that is created when we spend so much time together in a class. Finally, we thank all of the teachers and we pray for the situation to improve and for us to be back stronger than before.


How are we using the Learner profile in this experience and is it helping to prepare us for DP?

We reflected on this experience in relation to the IB Learner Profile and we discovered that we were not only still incorporating these themes into our learning and daily lives but actually enhancing them. The Learner profile is still encouraging us to progress and prepare for the IB Diploma program. We collated our thoughts together as a virtual group:G11 learner profile

#andratuttotobene – Our message to our school community

As a group we were challenged to come up with a project to encourage our community in these difficult times using the theme #andratuttobene. We decided to create a short video to try to show everybody that everything is going to be alright. We hope you enjoy our video!