Grade 10 – The Arts, Design, Robotics and PE

Experiences of virtual learning

  • It allows us to be more focused even though it may be harder to follow the lessons.
  • It gives you the possibility to do whatever you want during breaks and eat whatever you want during lunch. However, during lessons, it can be more difficult because there is not the teacher right in front of you whom you can ask if you have issues; but you need to send an email and lose time to write it.
  • I think it is a good ideas that of the virtual learning because like that we won’t lose any part of the program and we won’t have to make up for lost hours.
  • I am proud of the fact that I am committed to completing and delivering on time all the tasks assigned to us.
  • I’m proud of the fact that even though we’re not in school, both students and teachers do their best.
  • I am proud of the fact that we are all working hard and with continuity since the beginning of this quarantine.
  • Biology Meme everyday


What We Miss About School

  • Friends
  • Real world
  • Working in groups
  • Talk without a phone
  • Don’t pass 8 hours a day on a computer

Showcasing Work We Are Proud Of

Tommy: English: I have done a presentation about an innovative and particular project based on what I love.For this work I had to research a lot about the longboards market and research in general to have the best collaborations and union of material that could stay together well for this project. Link here: LongBoard for Tricks.
We also in English managed to finish the book of twelfth night

Riccardo: In Italian we made a group work of expanding the text, and make a sort of end prevision.

Ludovica: In English we watched Shakespeare

Michi: Proud of my Italian work. Link here: Testo Argomentativo Italiano

Cristian: Proud of my MUN resolution. Link here: MUN resolution

Emanuele: I am proud of my italian creative writing work. Link here: Compito Italiano

Our Theme: Arts, Design & PE

Tommy: In PE we are doing a particular activity which is Parkour. I am very happy that even if we could not do it, our professor sent us works about it; certainly more boring than making Parkour in real life but at the same time interesting and important to let us know more about this extreme sport.

Youtube video link here:


Michi & Tommy: In Design we completed our prototypes and are now creating our Dragons Den models.

‘The problem we are trying to solve is that of creating meaningful relationships in a internet driven society. The difficulty of creating relationships has increased exponentially with the advent of technology which creates bubbles or groups from which is difficult to escape. Sometimes the cause of the problem can also be the solution to that problem. Our solution will not be another dating app to the likes of Tinder and Facebook Dating but will focus more on creating strong friendship bonds between people in geographical proximity. In addition most of the solutions currently present focus on creating personalized profiles that might interest the person this can be beneficial at times but can remove the randomness associated with meeting people in real life scenarios. A recent study shows how “wellbeing of men and women,  depends on having a wide circle of friends, and lack of friends is associated with significantly lower levels of psychological well being.” It is therefore important to have a friends but finding them has become more and more difficult and the aim of our product is that of creating a simple system to connect people and give them the opportunity to expand their social circle. “In real life, we meet people, some of them stick on, some pass by, and the ones that stick around could, with the passage of time, traverse the layers and get into the innermost circle of our friendship” Huffington Post. The aim of our solution is that of creating a bridge between virtual friendships and real world friends.’ – Michi design journal

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 9.42.38 AM

Ludovica, Greta & Mariasofia: In Design we completed our prototypes and are now creating our Dragons Den models.

Igor, Cristian & Emanuele: In Design we completed our prototypes and are now creating our Dragons Den models.