DP1 Grade 12 – CAS and virtual learning

Experiences of virtual learning

‘We enjoy the way that are virtual learning is set up and our teachers support us a lot. I find it hard to stay seated in front of the computer screen for the whole day so I am aiming to take more breaks’. Sofia DP1

‘I really like the idea of being able to take lessons online and teachers are always available if we need something. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that sometimes it happens that there are technical problems with the internet and for this reason we cannot follow the lessons’

‘Virtual learning enables having my own activities such as knitting, crocheting or different sports instead of just studying during free periods’. Anna DP1

‘I am finding virtual learning helpful – I personally prefer to take lessons in class rather than virtually so I can’t wait for school to restart’’ 

‘Due to the Virus and the restrictions, students are forced to stay home. This is a new way of approaching learning. It is something I have never tried before and to be honest I actually ended up not disliking it. Teachers are always available when we need them and I personally think that I have enough support needed when I don’t feel to understand’  Barbara DP1

What We Miss About School

‘The interaction with my classmates because I can still talk to them during virtual lessons but it’s different from reality because we can’t properly share opinions and spend a lot of time together like in break times’ Sofia DP1

‘I miss the direct contact with teachers and classmates ‘

‘Team work during lessons is something I miss about school’ as it is much more difficult in virtual learning’. Anna DP1

‘I miss my classmates and teaches, because through online learning it is much more difficult to have a direct interaction’ 

‘I miss being able to change classrooms during each period. The short breaks that we had in between lessons helped us free our minds before starting a new subject’ Flavia

‘I miss the study periods where I had the chance to relax my mind after a class’ 

‘I miss spending time with my classmates’ 

‘What I miss about school are my friends, teachers and the art room in which there are lots of materials that I unfortunately left’ Barbara DP1

‘I miss the biology tests every two weeks’  Nico

Showcasing Work We Are Proud Of

The slogan we created, Sofia DP1

“Together but apart”


Our Theme: CAS

‘The gym programme I’m following, with the help of my personal trainer, is improving my wellbeing’ Sofia DP1

‘I’m doing daily physical exercise to keep my body fit and ready for when everything will be back to normal. I also believe that doing physical movement is a way to keep myself happy’

‘Right now I am jogging five to 10km, two times a week to keep normal fitness level and even improve it’ Anna DP1

‘During this month I’m trying to do some sport to keep myself healthy’

‘I’m trying to do some exercises to keep myself happy’

Matilde Consonni DP1

Experiences of virtual learning

Initially I had some difficulties in familiarizing myself with the BlueJeans portal, and I am still having problems now with the wifi sometimes, but overall I manage to enter most lessons successfully. It is sometimes hard to work in front of a computer for such a long period of time, and that’s why I tend to take several breaks between lessons. Instead, regarding the work, the first weeks the tasks we were given each day were too long in proportion with the 50 minutes of each period, but now the work is set out equally and I always manage to complete the tasks when I am asked to do so.

What we miss about school

The thing I certainly miss the most about school is the relationship with other students and the lessons that we carried out together. Being alone makes everything much less entertaining. Furthermore, I also miss the environment as a whole, and certainly the fact of carrying out lessons with the professor in front of me, instead of having to talk via chat.


As a CAS activity I am completing a circuit training every afternoon after school, for an hour/an hour and a half. I formulated the circuit based on the exercises that I used to do when I trained in the past years. Exercising in this situation really helps, because it gives me the opportunity of moving away from the computer and staying healthy.

Sofia sofia dp1

In this picture you can see me drawing on posters that I put on walls around the school to advertise the art club me, Barbara and Martina wanted to initiate. I’m really sad we won’t be able to start the club due to the corona virus situation. I’m sure next year we will be able to do it!


What I am currently doing is an activity regarding physical health, this helps me to exercise and stay healthy even though I am at home. What I miss is what  Martina, sofia and myself initiated the art club for Myp students. I hope we will be able to provide this club soon and have lots of fun! 

Yoga – Anna

In the photos I am doing yoga for the first time. It was really relaxing, but at the same time it practices breathing, stretching and strength. I am very excited to try yoga again!

Flavia workoutflavia

In this video you can see me working out on my balcony. It is essential to do some physical activity during this period of time, not only to stay healthy and fit but also to free the mind and release all the accumulated stress. I chose a 45 minute video on youtube, with a SoulCycle instructor telling me what to do. Although the training is very intense, the view of the lake, the mountains and the music, makes the workout less weary.  

Online learning