Newsletter 17: 05/06/2020

Dear Parents,

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Green Team

Green team is a CAS project aiming at the achievement of the Green Flag by making our school a more eco-friendly community. The Green Flag is an internationally recognised award divided in three steps: the Bronze Award, Silver Award and, finally, Green Flag Award.

The requirements to achieve the awards are listed on a survey that we decided to carry out. As the schools were closed and all of us needed to stay at home to guarantee safety we could not focus on the actions to take within the school environment. Therefore, we decided to adjust our focus to another fundamental objective needed to achieve the green flag: keeping a healthy lifestyle during quarantine. We decided to address this topic by creating a presentation: Healthy Lifestyle presentation

This is only one of the many boxes that have been ticked on the survey. Yet, there are still many more. It takes approximately one academic year to reach the Green Flag Award and as we are finishing our high school this year we want to leave the project in capable hands. We invite anyone who is concerned about the sustainability of the school or anyone interested in having a more eco-friendly community to join the Green Team and achieve the Green Flag! Getting the Green Flag would not only be a great achievement for our school community but it would also be a substantial and significant CAS project for any DP students.

Astrid and Gaia (DP 2)


We would like to invite you to visit the website created by Sofia DP2 about health, positivity, and fitness.
The principal role is to improve our lives and lifestyles during this period where we have to stay at home due to the Corona Virus.

“Hi everyone, I am Sofia Manca, a student from the ISC international school. This site will help to improve your lifestyles and entertain you as well during this “quarantine”. Therefore, I invite you to visit my website for some tips to help you improve your health and well being and make life more fun and positive. I hope you’ll like it!
I chose to create this project as part of my CAS (creativity, action, service) project requirements, in which I decided to take action and help my community.”

Sofia (DP 2)

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