Newsletter 12: 20/03/2020

Dear Parents,

Welcome to this special edition of our newsletter focused on VIRTUAL LEARNING!

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We invite you to read more about our students’ experience of virtual learning!


Grade 7A – Individuals and Societies   /  (italian version here)

Grade 7B – Individuals and Societies   /  (italian version here)

Grade 8 – Maths and Science   /  (italian version here)

G9 – Languages  /  (italian version: G9 – Languages ITA)

Grade 10 – The Arts, Design, Robotics and PE  /  (italian version here)

Grade 11 – Learner Profile and how they are building skills to support them into DP    /  (italian version here)

DP1 Grade 12 – CAS and virtual learning    /   (italian version here)

DP2 Grade 13 – English A and B collaboration    /   (italian version here)


Please find here 18 Possible Gratifications by Sofia DP2!

Please find below a video from Sofia C. G11 as her final e-portfolio design creation!

Her problem
I am solving the issue of food waste in my family. We should be solving this problem, starting from working on it locally – as the world has a limited amount of resources and we should not be wasting them this way. Moreover, food is costly and throwing it away when it is still edible is a waste of money. My family is affected by the problem of food waste as we are wasting money and resources by throwing it away when it is still edible. Our waste affects the community and the people around my family as it takes up space and is a nuisance. Our waste production impacts others to a larger scale as well, as with greater demand comes increased production, and therefore increased pollution and waste product. If many of us were able to decrease our consumption to only what we really needed, then the environment would be a lot better off.

Her solution

Create recipes from leftover foods

Here attached a poster created by Annasofia, Emanuela and Matteo G9


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