Newsletter 1: 06/09/2019

Dear Parents,

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Homeroom Parent Tasks

Homeroom Parents support the class teacher and liaise between the class, the school and the PTA. We ask that you do commit to the task for the full school year.

The key responsibilities of the homeroom parents are:

  • Meet with the homeroom teacher and understand the specific needs of that teacher. The level of involvement will vary between teachers so its best to discuss ahead of time. This way expectations are set in the beginning for a smooth relationship.
  • Put together a WhatsApp chat group for the class. As HRP you must be an administrator of this group. Maintain the group with the intention of communication about class related topics. The Whatsapp group should not be used for personal business.
  • Provide direction to the new parents and help them get acclimated to the school.
  • Coordinate teacher gifts/ class parties. Recruit other parents for assistance where needed. The homeroom parent acts as a key organizer and does not necessarily bare all the workload. Asking for volunteers will be key in sharing the tasks.
  • Support the ddyPTA/school for parent cooperation such as send timely reminders for events (PTA and school), tickets, attendance, donations, volunteer work, motivation to enhance participation etc.
    Examples–Reminding parents it is a collaboration day and school ends at 1pm.
  • Homeroom Parents are not involved in personal or curricular issues. Those are strictly handled by the school.
  • Attend the quarterly meetings and monthly coffee mornings.
  • Should the need arise to have a meeting with the Homeroom teacher on behalf of the class, communications should be read and approved by all parties before being shared.

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